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Marble shower: How to Clean Marble Shower

Do you have marble in your bathroom? Marble is a gorgeous material that requires high maintenance at all times. The unique veins and colors of natural marble can create a beautiful backdrop to your shower or bathroom floor. Since marble is durable and water-resistant, it is perfect for bathrooms if you conceal the marble to increase stain resistance. 

You should understand the different types of marble stone on the market today, so that you can know precisely how to clean it, or if you need to buy it, you know which model you are choosing and how to give it suitable attention. This article discusses how to clean a marble shower to keep your bathroom free from germs and retain beautiful stone.

How to Clean Marble Shower
Marble Shower

How often do I clean a marble shower?

After each use, it would help to clean a marble shower to remove excess water, dirt, and residue from bathroom products. You need to take thorough cleaning, at least twice a week, to help remove any traces of mold or stains and preserve the marble.

Equally crucial to regular cleaning is the correct type of detergent. Marble is an alkaline limestone with a chemical reaction with any acid, leading to permanent discoloration. Commercial acid-based cleaners, even those recommended for granite or homemade blends that contain distilled white vinegar or lemon juice, should be avoided entirely.

Harsh cleaning tools such as brushes and cleaning products that look grainy or promise to “sweep away” dirt should never be used as they can permanently scratch the surface of the marble.

Precautions for cleaning marble floor

Since marble is a stone, many people think it is strong enough to withstand any treatment.

In reality, this is not the case. Marble is quite subtle, and so it is necessary to distinguish which merchandise and tools to escape when cleaning a bath in this factual, then always examine the industrialist’s instructions to make sure you do not void the warranty.

Do you know how to clean a marble shower naturally? Try to use only neutral pH cleaners. Acid cleaners – such as lemon, vinegar, or citrus-based soaps – can damage the stone’s surface.

Never use scrapers, or the coarse sides of the sponges or brushes, to clean the marble shower. 

Complete cleaning of a marble shower

How often you clean the marble in the bathroom will depend on how often you use the shower. For example, if you have multiple people showering each day, you may need to wash the tiles a couple of times a week. If your shower is only used once or twice a day, you can get away with cleaning once or twice a week.

To do this, you can use a marble cleaner if you wish or if the manufacturer’s instructions state that it does. There is also a simple DIY method used for cleaning a marble shower.

You should get a 1 tablespoon spray bottle of mild dish soap, hot water, and microfibre cloths when following this indication. Pour the dish soap into the bottle. Seal the rest of the flask with warm water, jiggle the bottle to mix the result, and spray the marble outsides of the shower with the combination. Those detergents are essential to help you know how to remove stains from the marble shower floor.

Using vertical or horizontal movements, gently scrub the solution onto the shower walls, paying particular attention to areas with mildew or soap scum. Rinse the soapy solution off the marble shower surfaces with clean water. Then clean the shower surfaces with a fresh microfibre cloth until they are dehydrated.

How to prevent marble deterioration and stains

If you have a marble floor in your home, do not walk on it with your shoes on. Whether you love walking barefoot or not, the best way is to keep your marble intact. 

If you have a marbled sink, bathtub, or shower, wipe it down with a rubber scrubber to prevent dull soap marks on the stone after each water session.

Try to wipe your marble daily. The shorter the dirt halts on, the earlier it will set into the stone. Do not use soaps and detergents from recycled petroleum products because they make a stone look dull.

Tips for Keeping Marble Showers Looking Good for Longer

  • Choose bathroom products that do not contain dyes or acidic ingredients.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning products such as ammonia or chlorine-based bleach, which can affect the surface of the marble.
  • Protect marble surfaces from scratches: Marble can be damaged by sand, dirt, and gravel. Frequently mop your marble floor indoors using a clean, dry mop without additives. Minimise the ingress of dirt on the marble floor by placing rugs at the entrance and outside. Using a marble floor vacuum, check that the attachments and wheels are intact, as worn equipment can scratch the marble.
  • Do not wait for the dirt to spill over the surface. Do not wipe off the puddles of dirt, but blot them off immediately with a paper towel. Then wash the area with a mild dishwashing soap and water mixture. Repeat flushing several times. Dry the surface with a soft cloth.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaning agents: Never use abrasive scrapers or coarse cloths that can scratch the marble. Do not use citric acid, acetic acid, or any other acid products, as acids dull the marble or leave permanent stains. Avoid scouring powders or abrasive creams and rust removers that contain at least a little hydrofluoric acid. They harm marble.

Safe ways to clean marble

Try a factory-made stone cleaner if you’re looking for the easiest method. It is convenient to use a stone cleaning spray. You can clean daily marble surfaces – countertops, floors, shower walls. You should know all that to help you clean the marble shower naturally.

If you prefer to make your marble cleaner, take a 1-liter spray bottle, pour 1/4 cup isopropyl alcohol into it, and add water. If you need a stronger detergent, add to a drop of organic, phosphorus-free liquid dishwashing detergent and degreaser.

When you finish washing marble, wipe them instantly with a soft fabric to prevent stripes and water stains. 

Precaution to take when cleaning marble wall

If you choose to make marble walls for your home shower, you need to decide on an elegant solution and use a few precautions.

  • Make sure you have water, baking soda, and a few rags.
  • Remove dirt from the shower surface with a cloth,
  • Prepare a solution with water and two teaspoons of baking soda,
  • Keep the results in a spray bottle,
  • Leave it on for a few minutes,
  • Rinse with a non-abrasive sponge.

Ensure you clean the gaps between one tile and another, but not too often so as not to damage the marble, and you can use an old toothbrush with a few drops of bleach.You can pass through the affected areas without touching the rest of the surface.


The above is some information to help you clean a marble shower. There are various ways to use it, but we have researched the best way not to spoil stone with unnecessary chemicals here.

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