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Marble Countertops: Marble Countertops Cost Per Square Foot

A marble countertop is excellent for the kitchen and changes the appearance of your top surface. There are different types of marble available in the market, from between $40 to $60 per square foot. Before you purchase, you need to maintain the cleaning of the countertop. Read below more on how much does a countertop cost per square foot?

Factor increases the cost of marble per square meter 

There are many factors to consider when looking for the price of marble counters. Below we explained each of them to decide according to their features. 

DesignThe rectangle is the easiest design you can choose for your kitchen and is easy to clean. Other shapes are difficult to install and costly. 
SizeThe size of the marble square plays a significant role in pricing. The average square feet for the countertop in each house is 40 square. But full slap is cheaper compared to any other piece. Some of the sellers will give you a discount for the countertop of square footage. 
Marble QualityThe cost for a square foot of marble depends on the quality you want. The average cost ranges from $25 to $180, and you have the choice to select which one you want.
Additional Feature The marble feature can determine if the price goes up or reduces. The kitchen marble countertop comes with an additional cost. If you want another installation, its price will differ from the normal one. There is marble for your kitchen with a depth guide for countertop materials. 
Thickness  Another factor that results in cost difference is the thickness of square meter marble used per floor. Thickness varies differently for the marble countertop, which offers you 2 niches and above.

Details of Marble cost per square foot

The cost of the marble slab varies differently based on the type of countertop. The cost per square foot is estimated below.

01. Pink marble countertop cost 

Pink marble countertop
Pink marble countertop

Pink marble is one of the best and affordable. Its price ranges from $25 per square foot. It mostly manufactures in the following countries: India, Greece, and China. The installation process is simple, and you don’t have to waste your money on other things. 

02. Carrara marble cost 

Carrara marble
Carrara marble

It is made in Italy among the most popular countertop marble types. This type is more affordable, with an average of $40 per square foot. Carrara is mostly used in buildings and comes in a different color. 

03. Calacatta marble countertops cost 

Calacatta marble countertops
Calacatta marble countertops

This has a white color and is the most expensive type of marble, ranging at $180 per square foot. The marble has a large vein running throughout the slab surface. The white stone is recommended because of its durability. Since it is uniform, you can design your kitchen or bathroom to make the interior look smart. 

04. Statuario Marble Countertops Cost

Statuario Marble Countertops
Statuario Marble Countertops

This type is considered rare to find and the most precious type of marble available. It has a pattern from precious marble and gives you a good appearance. They are not expensive and are high-quality material. You can use them for flooring kitchen countertops, which is $50 per square foot on average cost.

05. Cultured marble countertop cost 

Cultured marble countertop
Cultured marble countertop

This marble is a combination of the resins, stones particles which have pigment on the natural look. The material is mixed to give you the final appearance in your kitchen, shower wall, and bathtubs. The cost for a countertop is $65 per square foot. Since it’s manufactured with stone, it does not have a grout to be cleared. The result produced has a honed matter to finish the surface of your floor.

06. Danby marble countertop cost

Danby marble countertop
Danby marble countertop

A marble of various qualities can serve you for a long period. Danby features a light and medium vein, commonly found in most homeowners. It will cost you around $80 per square meter foot each

07. Travertine marble countertop

Travertine marble countertop
Travertine marble countertop

The marble is classified as a form of limestone that occurs in the rust mostly in Italy is where you will likely get such a building made of the marble. You can find it in various countries like Croatia, the Middle East, and South America. Cost varied between $25 to 50$ per sq foot.

08. Crema marble

Crema marble
Crema marble

Crema is made from Spain, being the unique type we have on the list. It is colored with a veining and yellow background. The average cost is $65 per square foot

09. Portoro genuine marble 

 Portoro genuine marble
Portoro genuine marble

This is unique and has a beautiful black surface for the veining. It is rare to get, and the cost for marble pieces is $300 per square foot.

How to seal marble countertops

  • Spray your marble surface with cleaner 
  • Work using a soft cloth until your marble is clean. You will need to open your windows for direct airflow when you do this.
  • When it is dry, you can leave it for like 30 minutes for the fumes. 

Buying tips for the marble countertop per square foot

Check the actual slab and not samples 

When looking for the marble to buy, you will need to ask for the actual slab and not the sample because it gives you a clear picture of what you want. Make sure it is best for the installation. 

Compare the two quotes. 

When you want to purchase something is essential for you to compare different prices of the marble installation. Check the one you can afford and make it of high-quality material. 

Do not forget to check on sales. 

Different companies will help you run sales, and each consumer comes with its price. 

Ask for the warranty; before taking it to your home, it is important to know your item’s warranty. When you know your budget, it helps you pick the type of marble you want.


The above information will help you know the price of different marble countertops per square foot. There are different prices available to compare and decide the best one you want to pick. You need to know your budget to get the material you want to purchase. Once you have found out how marble Countertops Cost Per Square Foot, it becomes easy.

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