White Marble Countertops Kitchen 9

Marble is among the luxurious building and finishing materials in existence today. Finishing surfaces with marble, making from it some elements of the interior or equipment of a bathroom or kitchen, marble floor – all this allows you to create a truly luxurious design, at the sight of which an association with Ancient Greece or Rome, with the life of the patricians and the noblest ones appears.

But, unfortunately, trying to understand how much marble costs, we can conclude that it is also the most expensive material. And its high price is explained primarily by the peculiarities of its production. Indeed, to obtain a natural stone, it is necessary to use a particular technique – special stone cutting machines. In addition, such mining is a rather laborious work, affecting the final cost of marble. There is a simple way to extract this natural material – the explosion of a deposit. And this option is also used only if the reserves of the stone in the warranty and its quality do not allow hoping for a large number of solid pieces, with products and finishing slabs produced. 

White Marble Countertops Kitchen 9
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

What determines the cost of marble?

Naturally, facing the floor or various surfaces in the interior with solid marble slabs is a relatively expensive pleasure. The above price is 20 dollars per sq.m. – this, one might say, is only the initial cost of natural marble. But its final cost depends on several factors:

The color of marble– the more impressive and unusual the color of a natural stone looks, the higher its cost;

Physical characteristics of marble– and the most important quality here is the durability of this material. The more resistant marble is to various influences (both mechanical and chemical), the more highly it is rated;

Country where the marble was quarried and processed: The cost of a stone comprises many parameters. The price of labor in a particular country ends with the cost of technologies and equipment used for its extraction and processing. You need to know the quality of marble depends little on where it was mined, but how it was made has a decisive influence on this material characteristic. In addition, the cost of transportation and the number of customs duties make their “contribution” to the cost of marble. As a result, it turns out that, for example, Italian marble costs twice as much as stone brought from China. By the way, if we talk about domestic marble, it also turns out to be more expensive than Chinese material, but cheaper than European stone;

Promotion” and brand awareness:The louder the manufacturer’s name sounds, the more expensive its products are – this principle is maintained even when it comes to marble. For example, Carrara marble, which has gained great fame all over the world, is several times more expensive than marble from a company whose name still does not tell anyone anything;

Processing of marble:The possible options can be grinding, polishing, artificial aging, or bush hammering – and in each case, the price of the material will be different.

Is it possible to buy marble cheaper?

Based on the preceding, it turns out that “marble” interiors are available only to wealthy people. Yet this is not the case.

An even cheaper option can be tiles or interior elements made of marble chips, inherently waste products from the extraction and production of solid marble slabs. Still, at the same time, they are in no way inferior in characteristics. And the use of modern technologies in the production of products from marble chips sometimes makes it possible to achieve even higher strength and wear resistance of their surface than is observed in products made of solid stone. By the way, the marble chips are not expensive at all – from 26 dollars per. So if you have the right tools, equipment, and knowledge of how to work with this material and make various products from it, then you can easily make elements of the “marble” interior yourself.

Professional marble finishing at low prices

Our resource provides an opportunity for honest cooperation to all conscientious performers. Qualified artisans are responsible for determining the cost of their services. The level of prices for marble finishing strongly influences the rating and reputation of specialists. Potential clients always choose the optimal ratio of prices and quality of installation operations.

Large companies willingly provide additional services to attract customers:

Accept payments in cash and non-cash;

Issue long-term guarantees;

Write out official receipts.

Private artisans are often ready to discount clients for large volumes. Both parties discuss this nuance by phone at the initial stage of negotiations.

Trust the finishing of building structures to competent professionals. Use our site to find the best marble professionals.

Type of the marble countertop you can get with your budget

The average size for the kitchen and bathroom is between 50 and 60 square meters. This will take you like 10 hours, and you are done with the work. Check out the estimated budget you can expect from each one of them. 

Under $1000

For those with a small marble, the budget can range under $1000. This could include material and labor. The smaller it is, the lower the price for each marble. 

$1000- $5000

The average cost for the marble countertop falls at the center of this category. A good example is if you need like 50 square feet of the Carrara marble under $40 square foot, the cost of labor service can go up to higher.

$5000- $10000

Most of the marble slab from Italy and Spain ranges in this price. You can quickly spread the same type on your bathroom and kitchen for your home consistency. 

Marble cost breakthrough 

Read each point to understand before using your money

Materials: The price for marble ranges an average of $40 to $100 for each square foot, but still, you can get as low as $12.

Labor: The cost of the hourly which includes fabrication, can have a range of $34-$45 an hour

Waste removal: The removal cost can sneak up from 100- $800.


Those are some of the costs and factors you will need to know about marble. If you understand some of the factors to consider when choosing your marble, it becomes easy to select the right one. Understanding how much does marble cost it help you to save your money.

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