How Much are Marble Countertops

Are you looking to purchase marble countertops, and you don’t know the current price? We covered all of your answers; read it to the end for more information. We understand how time-consuming for you to get different types of marble and their price. In our reviews, we spent more than 50 hours testing the best marble countertop available in the market and how much you will spend.

The cost for each will vary depending on the color, type, and installation ideas. The range price for 2022 is different from previous years. That is why we recommend you keep checking for updates before purchasing. In this guide, you will understand the average cost, factors, and price for each marble countertop.

Finding the suitable marble slab of your choice is essential for buyers. Additionally, comparing different sellers on the internet gives you an overview and prepares you. Read below the cost of marble countertops.

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What is the Average Cost for Marble Countertop Installation?

The expenses of marble installation depend on the material. If you buy 50 square feet, installation and labor will cost you $10 for every square foot. The average installation for the countertop will take you 10 hours, and its cost is $35-$45 on average per hour.

The average cost for the kitchen, 40 square feet marble, ranges from $1100 to $9700. The installation price per square is estimated at $40 to $100 on average.

However, the cost for the installation of marble countertops will depend on the cutouts, thickness, and what number you spent on them. A beautiful marble slab is costly and depends on the supplier. 

Here is the breakthrough of marble countertop installation with the percentage 

Labor and installation 19%

Supplies and tools 5%

Marble slab 78%

Installation cost is $20 to $40 per square foot on average 

You should expect cutouts of $100 that are guaranteed.

Comparison table for marble countertop price

Marble countertops costsBasicBetterBest
Marble countertops Materials$180- $200$240- $300$300- $340
Marble countertops Average installation costs$35-  $40$40- $45$46-50
Marble countertops Total$200- $250$280  $320$350- $380
Marble countertop Total average cost$40$50$60

Factors Affecting the Cost of the Marble Countertop

Labour: The labor cost will depend on how difficult or complex the particular slap or length you want. 

Cutouts:This will depend on the number of the cut for the sink, cooktop, and soap products 

Edge style: The style you choose will depend on various things; for example, ogee is more expensive than a simple edge style.

The thickness of the slab: When you compare the thickness of the 2cm slab and that of the 3cm slab, the smaller is cheaper. 

Size of the kitchen: Let’s say the average square of the house is 40 counter spaces. Marbles slabs come in different sizes, and the slab is cheaper to install. 

Quality:The cost of the marble type depends on the quality, and the averagely ranges from $25sqft to $180sqft

Color: The appearance color of the countertop determines its price. For a white marble, the price is higher compared to others. 

Different types of marbles and their expecting price 

Here are different marble countertops you can use in the kitchen and bathroom.

1. Carrara marble price

This is one of the popular types of marble stone available and the most affordable in the market. Its average price is $40 -$60 per square meter foot. The standard color of Carrara is white and blue. Italy is the leading country that produces such types. 

2. Calacatta marble 

This marble is known as high end and most expensive type that is sold from $180 – $200 per square foot. It has a color of white and dark gray veins on the surfaces. 

3. Danby marble 

This type of stone is found in the United States of Vermont, and its average cost is around $80 per square foot. Its coloring has white and golden brown. You will need to get s chemical treatment to seal it from water. 

4. Statuario

The price for this stone ranges from $50- $80 per square foot and is the greatest found in Italy. It has a pattern vain color of white and gold or gray. The material used requires chemical treatment for your kitchen or bathroom. 

5. Cultured 

The cost of the cultured floor varies, and if you are looking for the beauty of porous surfaces, this is the best choice for you. The average cost for the natural stone is about $65 per square foot, which is considered affordable. This stone is made of molds and is considered as pigments and resins. It’s also best to use in the kitchen and bathroom surface. 

6. Pink marble 

Pink marble is best for those who love rose-like color countertops. You can still use it in the bathroom, and it has a pink base color for the golden stone. If you want professional sealing, this is one of the best choices to keep the anti-stain property for the marble. The average price is about $25 per square meter.

7. Black marble 

This marble slab is best for those who don’t like those with light visible in their eyes. The cost for the marble is $75 per square foot. The white marble requires chemical treatment, which is used to prevent scratching. 

8. Makrana marble

It has a white milk background with a delicate veining pattern of gray and gold brown. Makrani is suitable for the wall lining and the surface of the kitchen. The average price available in the market is from $12- $20 per square meter. 

Comparison price of marble slabs, tile costs, and quality 

In general, marble slab is the most expensive and has a thickness ranging from 2cm to 3cm. Marble tiles cost is $5 to $400 per square foot, depending on the quality. The marble slab backsplash cost is $30 to $50 per square meter. When using the tiles, the marble floor cost is approximately $7 to $10 per square meter.


The average price for the marble countertop is explained in the details above. You will consider various things, like the quality of the material slap that affects the total cost of countertops. Check out our estimated price today.

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