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Top 09 White Marble Countertops for Kitchen (+Full Review)

If you love quality marble from Europe and need to make your kitchen beautiful, this article is for you. The use of marble, without a doubt, can change the appearance of your kitchen design. Beautiful natural stones are finished with white to make your kitchen fresh. 

When you have some of the modern countertop material, it makes the work easy for you.  We spent hours researching the best white marble countertops for your kitchen in this article. Read all of them before making your final decision.

What does marble countertop mean?

Marble is known as one of the essential countertops that are durable and the best choice for your kitchen. However, it is made of natural stone marble, and it matches your furniture.

You can get the cost of marble higher, but there is another affordable one for those who cannot afford the most expensive.  Marble is shiny with any other colour and lasts longer when compared to any other. There are many different types of marble for you to pick from the list.

Best white marble countertops kitchen

01. Corian artificial marble stone

White Marble Countertops for Kitchen
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

Corian is high-quality material with a variety of white colors. We highly recommend it for the kitchen and is durable. The material used is made of natural stone and is the most popular one.  White marble in the kitchen is best because it matches most furniture and wall.

The good thing with the Corian is visible, and the material used here cannot be bent easily. The surface of the kitchen is smooth.

Pros and cons of Corian marble stone for kitchen


  • You can repair it if cracks
  • Joints are invisible
  • Highly scratch-resistant
  • Can be porous


  • Its losses shine sometimes
  • Stain-resistant
  • The material used is soft

02. Quartz Stone Wall Washable Kitchen Marble Countertops

White Marble Countertops for Kitchen
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

If you get a countertop like this for your kitchen, it’s the right choice because it is easy to clean. Due to their heavyweight, it is the right choice for your kitchen. You will need to look for an experienced designer around your location to come and fix it for you. However, concrete can also break sometimes if not taken good care of to reduce the tendency. The stone for this countertop is big enough to use when inside the room.  When you decorate your kitchen like this, you will feel comfortable eating food from such an area because of the hygiene.  That is why you need to ensure you look for good material when making your kitchen.

Pros and cons of Quartz stone marble for countertops


  • It is suitable for heat and scratch-resistant
  • Texture is decorative
  • It provides you with the sophisticated look
  • Easy to clean up the dust
  • Affordable


  • It may crack some time later
  • The cost of it is high due to the work custom
  • You need to seal the surface

03. Granite stone cararra white countertop

White Marble Countertops for Kitchen
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

Sincerely the use of granite stone in your kitchen makes a good choice for you and is resistant to heat. You have to make sure that your kitchen has a good appearance and is durable. Some of the tops you may need to avoid placing on your kitchen, but this one is highly recommended.  The price varies differently, and you can get all of the details on the post link, which is easy for you to order. When you order some of the products online, consider checking all the features presence before paying out.  The link above contains marble kitchen countertops prices to help you serve your time when doing research.

Pros and cons of Granite stone cararra


  • Easy when you compare with other countertop material
  • Excellent for modern style
  • Long-lasting material used on it
  • White colour is suitable for decoration
  • Heat resistant


  • Expensive
  • The surface is easy to scratch
  • Bacteria can be a problem if hygiene is not maintained

04. Marble kitchen volakas countertop kitchen

White Marble Countertops for Kitchen 4
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

This is one of the most minor, expensive stone natural countertops for the kitchen design. The white version is from Italy, one of the top markets. Most of them offer you luxury stones like marble, which offers the surface you want to use in your kitchen. Marble is all over the internet, and you can select the price that can fit you best. The stone marble is the most advisable to use in your kitchen because it lasts forever. Part of the surface stylish is available and is made of modern stylish. It’s long to fit all the cookers inside, and they don’t have to squeeze together. The designer believes that a water tap is essential to make work easy.

Pros and cons for volakas countertop kitchen


  • Long-lasting material
  • Easy to maintain
  • The installation of the DIY is easy
  • Countertop is affordable


  • The surface can be scratched with metal
  • Buyers can view it as average

05. Panda White Marble For Kitchen Island and Countertop

White Marble Countertops for Kitchen 5
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

Marble stone is durable and makes work easy for you to clean.  Natural stone is less expensive, and you will love the appearance change of your kitchen. There is more design you can choose from depending on the space you have for your kitchen.  The marble ceramic offers a design option to pick from the list provided to make your kitchen look attractive.  You have to look for a beautiful countertop that will increase your chance of loving your kitchen.

Marble countertops pros and cons for Panda


  • white marble
  • Affordable cost
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish available for enormous
  • Damaged is easily sealed


  • The custom is expensive
  • Hot pans can damage the surface of marble

06. Horizon white quartz countertops artificial quartz stone

White Marble Countertops for Kitchen 6
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

Stone marble is one of the best qualities to use in the kitchen. The white base colour is almost the opposed on the kitchen. The pronounce tone is one of the gold throughout. The different level for the countertop where is pure and white.  It would help if you got a high-quality designed stone marble. When you place it on a hot material, it does not spoil.  When you scratch, a marble is educative so that when you purchase it, it does not give you a challenging time cleaning.

Pros and cons quartz kitchen marble


  • You don’t need to be sealed
  • The natural appearance of solid material
  • Countertop is stunning
  • Marble is well maintained and increases the property value for the kitchen.


  • Expensive material
  • Marble is delicate
  • Heavy to carry

07. White nature stone marble countertop kitchen

White Marble Countertops for Kitchen 7
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

The countertop material made of stone is durable and contains particles of other materials. This product is white and heavy because it is made up of stone. So, if you want to get the perfect quality of marble, you will need some of the natural stone options to get the best price available. You may have to consider comparing slab marble.

Pros and cons of stone marble


  • It looks more convincing with the natural appearance of the color
  • Heat resistance
  • Cost-effective
  • Affordable


  • High maintenance
  • Heavy to carry

08. Kitchen calacatta design white quartz stone countertop

White Marble Countertops for Kitchen 8
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

The materials used are rugged and durable. If you live in the UK, getting quality material will matter and determine your kitchen appearance. If you get white marble of the stone for you, then there is no day you will complain about water stagnant in your kitchen.  You will also need to check the amount indicated on the price list when shopping with our link. The market price keeps changing, so check the current price for this type of countertop before making your order.

Pros  and cons for calacatta stone


  • You don’t need r selling
  • It has a beautiful design
  • Made high-quality material and is durable
  • Easy to clean up


  • Expensive
  • Difficult for one person to handle
  • Vein does not have a natural look

09. Bianco White Carrara marbles slabs

White Marble Countertops Kitchen 9
White Marble Countertops for Kitchen

White marble is perfect for kitchen decoration. This is one of the most popular marble in the market that features beautiful stone surfaces. The marble is mainly used in Italy to ensure that individuals select the right stonemason. White color is excellent to paint; it shows the cleanness of your kitchen. The counter is durable and can withstand everyday use.

Marble whiter countertop pros and cons


  • Easy to clean
  • It cannot spoil out easily
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

Use tips

If you need kitchen countertop to last forever, avoid placing hot things like objects on it.

You have to consider how different marble slaps will come together, and you have to understand the location you want to place it. 

Make sure that you clean your room entirely to avoid getting some bacteria in your room.

If your main issue is stain, you should stick with the white marble. There are hundreds of colors available for you to pick from.

Compare different marble kitchen countertops prices before making your order.

Question and Answer for white marble countertops kitchen

Before you make, any purchase is essential to check those questions and find out the answer; maybe you were wondering what you do. The price for that marble sometimes varies. That is why you will need to compare the marble for both products.  Let’s check those three below.

Q1. Is marble a good choice for your kitchen countertops?

If you want to maintain your kitchen beauty, you need to choose a white marble that is easy to clean. You will need to care a lot about checking out the best marble for you.

Q2. What is the problem of the wooden kitchen not popular as stone one?

Wood for the kitchen will require much maintenance compared to the stone slabs. You will need to get something that is easy for you to clean.

Q3.Why is marble bad for countertops?

The reason marble is considered bad for your kitchen is that it does not hold some harsh conditions that may occur in your kitchen. Another thing marble is intricate for you to prepare when it comes to clearing.

Recommendation to purchase

Many marble white stone countertops are available for the kitchen, but not all are good. Above mentioned we have done thorough research to help you get the best one.  We highly recommend Quartz stone over the other because it is spacious. When cooking in the kitchen, you need to get space that will assist you in moving freely in your room. This one has all the features and factors you need your countertop to contain. When you want to clean, you don’t have to struggle designed to give you a chance to work on it.


After going through this post, you have now decided which white marble stone countertops kitchen you prefer.  When doing research, always consider checking on the quality first. Different companies are coming up in Europe manufacturing kitchen countertops before ordering any product on the internet check all of the things we have discusses here, like advantages and disadvantages. Another important thing is the price if you cannot afford to go for the cheaper one.

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